The Biggest Money Mistake College Students Make

If you avoided math and business classes in college like me, you probably get a little bored when studying financial charts.

Okay, not only bored but personally offended by all the numbers (and any kind of calculations involving letters).

I mean, letters are meant to be read not calculated.

Id rather try picking up sand with chopsticks than sit down to study math formulas.

Well, there is one simple math chart that every college student needs to see because it can help you avoid making one of the biggest money mistakes of your life.

Here is a simple chart showing how a simple $1,200 investment can grow over time:

This simple chart reveals how investing money early on in life will dramatically help you grow your money.

In 40 years, a $1,200 investment can turn into $37,691 (based on 9% interest rate). And if you kept adding $1,200 every year for 40 years into that same 9% investment, you would reap $479,641.54.

Heres a nifty compound interest calculator to help you experiment with different numbers:

Many college students dont think about investing or preparing for retirement and so many decide to wait until years after graduating college.

And thats the problem.

Every year we fail to invest, the more money we lose out on.

So dont make the biggest money mistake and start investing a little bit now.

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