SAT Test Preparation Tips

As you know, one of the best ways to prepare for the SAT is to take practice tests and quizzes.

Thats why we recommend checking out SAT preparation books at your local library. These books are usually loaded with various quizzes and tests so you can practice the SAT math, writing, and reading sections.

We also recommend using some of the free SAT online tests available: SAT Practice Test is the official SAT site. They provide a great online practice test to help you learn your strengths and weaknesses. This test will get you ready for the real exam. SAT Online Quizzes
We recently checked out the SAT quizzes on This site is packed with user-generated quizzes to prepare students for the reading, math, and reading sections. These quizzes will definitely help you focus on the test areas you need the most work in.

Please let us know if you find any other free online SAT quizzes. Thanks!