5 Ways Students Can Sabotage Their LinkedIn Profile

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Top 20 RSS Feed Readers You Should Know About

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Think Again Before Erasing That Scantron Bubble

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How to Write a Killer College Application Essay

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Why there are no shortcuts to examination preparation

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UC Berkeley Offers Free Classes Online

We just found out that UC Berkeley launched webcasts of hundreds of class lectures. Yep, that means you can watch video courses in a variety of different subjects. Some of their free online classes include: astronomy, biology, physics, psychology, … [Read more]

How to Succeed in College—7 Helpful Tips

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How to Deal with Exam Stress

We love The Student Room (the United Kingdom’s largest online student community) website. They have a cool wiki project with students posting tips and advice on a variety of subjects—everything from anthropology to veterinary medicine. The wiki … [Read more]

The Biggest Money Mistake College Students Make

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Pimp Your iPod with Wikipedia

Okay, so there’s this FREE software project called “EncycloPODia” that found a way to hack Wikipedia and get that massive library onto your iPod . Right now, you can download the English, German, and Italian versions of Wikipedia. And I think a … [Read more]