Group Study 101 – How to Avoid Goofing Off

I love to study in group sespecially before an exam. The only problem is that if you dont have the right people in your group, you can end up wasting a lot of time. And thats not helpful for anyone. Here are some tips to help you avoid goofing off … [Read more]

Free Online Graph Paper

We really love this free graph paper generator. You can create your own custom graph paper online and then print it out. You can specify the color, the number of squares, the line weight, and the document size. Yeah, we know it’s geeky to like … [Read more]

The Most Common Grammar Mistakes

Even though everyone has access to grammar and spelling check features on Microsoft Word, students still make the same spelling and grammar mistakes.   Sometimes the errors are just careless, but sometimes it’s simply because the grammar … [Read more]

David Rakoff: On College, Writing, and Sleeping Around

I was very honored this week to interview one of my favorite writers - David Rakoff. Rakoff is a regular contributor to NPRs This American Life, and writes for New York Times Magazine, Outside, GQ, Vogue, Salon, Seed, The New York Observer, Wired, … [Read more]

How to Write a Research Paper – Step by Step

Ive probably written over 70 research papers over the last 7 years of school. And Ive gotten to the point where writing research papers is like second nature for me. Its not that Im a better writer than anyone else, its just that I know how to … [Read more]

5 Effortless Steps to Seminar Success

Wouldnt it be great to shine as the top student in all your seminars - winning attention from professors (who might well be writing a reference for you in the future) and getting a high grade? And wouldnt it be even greater to manage this without … [Read more]

4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Brain Health published an article on maintaining a healthy brain that will function better. Here are the four keys to improving your brain health: Physical Exercise Do something you enjoy for even just 15 minutes a day. You can always add … [Read more]

How to Study Effectively – 8 Concentration Strategies

We found a killer list of concentration strategies for students. This list is perfect for those who want to know the best way to cram for an exam. Check this out: Eat Frequent Small Meals Avoid eating a big meal before a study session. Too much … [Read more]

Pimp Your USB Thumbdrive – 8 Nifty Apps

I carry around a USB thumbdrive at school because Im always using different library computers. Over the weekend, I discovered 8 useful apps that can be added to a thumbdrive to aid in productivity. I hope you find some of these useful as well . . … [Read more]

How to Deal with the Ups-and-Downs of College Life

In this guest post, Jeff Beers of Tutor Delphia provides tips to help students with the ups and downs of the college experience. There are many things I wish I had known when I started my Freshman year of college. Things that could have saved me a … [Read more]