The Magic of Compound Interest (And Why You Should Save for Retirement While in College)

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How to Set Realistic Goals this School Year

As the new school year is beginning, its important to start setting goals for yourself. The following guidelines will help you to set realistic goals: State each goal as a positive statement. How often have you been excited to accomplish a goal … [Read more]

How to Persuade More Effectively (Without Changing a Word) – 9 Nonverbal Strategies That Work

You may not know this - but your nonverbal communication plays a big role in how persuasive you are. Thats right. Your body gestures, movements, tone of voice, touch, distance from the person, eye contact, and physical appearance can make you more … [Read more]

How to Survive Rush Week

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Top 7 Websites to Visit Prior to Writing Your Research Paper

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4 Fantastic Ways to Spice Up Your LinkedIn Profile (While in College)

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Why You Should Talk to Yourself After Studying

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7 Frugal Apps to Help You Save Money in College

According to College Board, the average cost of tuition and fees for college students in 2012 2013 was $8,655 for state residents at public colleges and $21,706 for out-of-state residents. And costs of private colleges rose to $29,056 on average … [Read more]

How to Avoid Getting Sick During Finals Week

It seems that whenever it’s finals week, I start to get a little sick. I’m not sure if it’s because of the stress – or the late nights studying – but it happens every time. Here are some helpful tips to avoid getting sick during … [Read more]

101+ Web Resources for Students

Im in the middle of writing a lengthy paper - and Ive discovered a bunch of useful websites. Here is a collection of over 100 web resources that you might find useful as well: Almanacs AlternaTime CIA World Factbook Daily Almanacs Earth … [Read more]