How to Use LinkedIn to Get Your Resume into the Right Hands

Applying for jobs through a job search engine (e.g., or blindly emailing in resumes to human resource departments is almost worthless. You might as well just print out your resume and stick directly into a shredder.

Busy recruiters at top companies get hundreds of resumes every week if not thousands. It doesnt matter how perfect you are for the job, your resume is just not likely to get seen by the right person. Its a numbers game and youre probably just one resume in a thousand.

This is why you need a strategic approach to get your resume and/or online LinkedIn profile reviewed by the right person.

Let me share with you 5 creative ways to use LinkedIn to bypass the HR email inbox and get noticed:

1. Study the company LinkedIn profile to find employee list.
Once youve identified the job you want, go to the LinkedIn Company search page and find the company you want to apply to.

If youre applying for a company that has offices in multiple locations, use the advanced LinkedIn search features to find the offices closest to you (and those offices where you have 1st and second degree connections if possible).

When you arrive at the company profile page, look on the right-hand side to see the How Youre Connected box and click on the See all link.

2. Use LinkedIn advanced people search to identify employees who work on the team you want to work on (and recruiters hiring for that position).

Once youve identified the company and see the full list of employees, use LinkedIn advanced search to find people who work in the business unit youre interested in. You could avoid the first step by going straight to this people search section, but I find it easier to start with company and location search first.

When conducting searches, try relevant keyword queries based on the person who might be involved in hiring for the position you want.

Here are a few queries to try:

  • [Business Unit] + [Title] (e.g. Marketing Director, Marketing V.P.)
  • [Business Unit] + Recruitment (e.g. Sales Recruitment, Sales recruiter)
  • Recruiter

You can also find people youre closely connected with at that company by finding relevant Groups you share with employees.

3. Get noticed by viewing recruiter profiles regularly.

Recruiters and those hiring use LinkedIn all the time to find potential candidates. One way to get noticed by them is to make sure youre visiting the recruiters LinkedIn profile and those senior leaders that work in the department youre aiming to work in.

You see, simply by visiting those key LinkedIn profiles means that they can see you in the Whos Viewed Your Profile section. And recruiters usually have LinkedIn premium versions so they can see everyone who is viewing their profile.

Just make sure youve optimized your LinkedIn profile so that youre profile matches the type of employee they are looking to hire. Also make sure you have privacy settings that allow others to know who you are when viewing their profile.

TIP: If you want recruiters to view your LinkedIn profile, you need to view them first.

4. Send a brief and polite message to the recruiter or hiring director.

Your first impression with a recruiter or hiring manager is key. You want your first message to be clear, concise, and nice.

Remember hiring managers are very busy and receive lots of email. Just send them a brief note on LinkedIn informing them of your interest in the position they are hiring for.

Here is a template you can use:

Remember to be respectful of his/her time. Dont bug them with another message if you dont hear back. The point is that youve established contact and let them know your interest.

Most of the time, recruiters are looking to build their LinkedIn connections, so they will probably connect with you. And then youll have more 2cnd degree connections at the company you might be able to reach out to with questions.

5. Mail in your resume to the hiring manager.

Now that youve identified the hiring manager, you know the name of the person to send your resume to. Most people dont use snail mail anymore, so thats why youll break through the email clutter and get a physical copy of your resume on the desk of the hiring manager.

Key takeaways:

  • Use LinkedIn to find employees at the company where you want to work
  • View and study profiles of hiring managers and recruiters
  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile to highlight the applicable skills and experiences that fit the job you want
  • Be clear, concise, and polite in your LinkedIn messages
  • Dont bug anyone just share your interest and build connections

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