How To Shed The Freshman 15, At No Cost To You

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

How To Shed The Freshman 15, At No Cost To You

We’ve all heard of the freshman 15. It’s nearly impossible to escape weight gain as you are introduced to a new lifestyle. There are many new experiences and having to navigate all-you-can-eat dining hall access is not easy. Research shows that weight gain is an issue for two- thirds of college freshmen. And college students who visit their campus gyms are more likely to succeed in the classroom. As you settle into your routine and get your bearings, you may find it easier to log some workouts. You don’t have to break the bank by hitting the gym. Check out these cheap ways to stay fit.

Take advantage of on-campus resources

Most colleges and universities have at least one gym or rec center. Some even have fitness equipment located within the dorm. And these are perks that you get as a student, so use them! Find out where the closest fitness center is and check out the hours. Many campus fitness centers will offer group exercise classes like yoga, Pilates, and cycling. If you have a class nearby, hit the gym right after, hop on a bike or the stairclimber. Wear your workout clothes to class so you have no excuse to go back to your room and opt for a nap.

College students walk everywhere and campuses are highly accessible. So take advantage of the trails and sidewalks around campus. When the weather is nice, head for a run or walk outside. It’s free and the fresh air will help to clear your mind after a long day in class or a stressful all-nighter. Lace up your shoes and jog a loop around campus, and ask a friend to join you. You’re more likely to actually go for a run if you know a friend is counting on you.

Use your student discount

If you’re itching to get off campus, remember that in college towns, student discounts are the norm. So check out what gyms are close to campus. Some gyms will even offer a shuttle if they’re not within walking distance. Others will offer a week-long free trial or free classes. Taking your workouts off campus can give your brain a break and offer a quick respite from busy campus life.

Harness the internet

There are tons of free online workout videos that you can try. Log into your laptop and try some new fitness routines in the comfort of your dorm room. Many YouTubers offer helpful hints and programs for losing weight and building a healthy lifestyle. Some may even be tailored to college students, and some vloggers are college students themselves. There are also free downloadable plans to choose from based on your goal. Bookmark your favorites and come back to them on your next workout. A Pinterest board can be an easy way to organize workout guides, too.

Staying fit in college doesn’t have to break the bank. Having a consistent rotation of workouts whether a yoga class at the rec center or a series of HIIT videos will help you keep your routine fresh. And will give you the best results at no cost to you, other than your time. While time is precious, so is your health!