Free IQ Tests You Should Know About

I.Q. is an abbreviation of “intelligence quotient,” which refers to a measurement of cognitive ability derived from a series of standardized tests.

The IQ Test, as we know it, started with the Stanford-Binet test back in 1905. This test was used to predict educational achievement.

Scores between 90 and 110 are considered average. IQ scores outside the range 55 to 145 are essentially meaningless because there are not enough people to make statistically sound statements. Check out Wikipedia’s IQ reference chart to see the full range of I.Q. scores and what they mean.

Unfortunately, most Free IQ Tests on the web are littered with adsand nobody really knows how credible they actually are. Thats why we sorted through a whole bunch of them and developed this list of credible exams that didnt have any annoying ads tossed here and there.

We hope you find these exams helpful:

Hoeflin IQ Tests
Ronald K. Hoeflin, PHD developed a bunch of IQ Tests in Verbal Analogies, Spatial and Numerical Problems, Letter Series, and Analogies. These brief exams are believed to measure intellectual ability above the 99.9999th percentile. These tests are provided through, which also provides a host of other IQ exams.

eCMA IQ Test
The International High IQ Society’s eCMA IQ Test is a 36 question multiple choice timed test comprising of six test in: analogies, math, factual knowledge, memory, sequential reasoning, and analogical reasoning. Your score is calculated for free, and you have the option to buy their comprehensive Personal Intelligence Profile.

Unique IQ Tests
This IQ test is completely done in Flash, and very nicely designed. This test contains 27 questions and aimed to determine your abilities in logic, analogies, memorization, and mathematical tasks. You have approximately 60 seconds to solve each question.

IQ Testing Online
This test is designed to measure your brain power and cognitive ability with standardized tests in arithmetic, spatial comprehension, and verbal analogies. This test will take under 20 minutes to complete. You’ll also receive a detail report upon completion.
This site hosts a bunch of different IQ test within the following areas: mathematical, logical, pictorial, visual, mix, wide-range, easy-range.

IQ Test Club
IQ Test Club provides users with a free test and IQ score. This test requires you to set aside about 30 minutes to take the exam. They’ll give you your score for free, but they will charge you to get a copy of your 20+ page personalized report.

IQ Test Labs
This PhD certified IQ Test will take you about 15 minutes to complete. Upon completion, you’ll receive an IQ score and detailed report.