Pimp Your iPod with Wikipedia

Okay, so there’s this FREE software project called “EncycloPODia” that found a way to hack Wikipedia and get that massive library onto your iPod .

Right now, you can download the English, German, and Italian versions of Wikipedia. And I think a bunch of other language versions are in the works.

This hack should work on most iPods (generations 1 through 4), as well as iPod Minis and your standard Photo iPod.

The installation process is pretty simple, so check out all the instructions and start downloading the Wikipedia library.

Oh, and if you don’t want to go through the trouble of downloading the Wikipedia library on your iPod, you can download the Wikipedia CD 1.0 at BitTorrent. It’s filled with educational articles for students on subjects like science, geography, plants, animals . . . yeah, you get the picture.