How Blogging Can Help You Learn And Grow

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

The number of people blogging in The United States is set to increase to 31.7 million by 2020 which is an increase of 4.3 million since 2014 providing bloggers with a potentially huge audience for their sites. While bloggers may feel like they are shouting into a crowded room filled with people who are all shouting too it is still possible to stand out from the crowd. Regardless of the size of your audience blogging can be a great tool to help students.

Bloggers may be increasing but so too is your audience size

Blogging is an odd pastime as it is both solitary and social. For some, a blog is little more than a personal diary but for others, it is about a sharing experience. With the numbers of students sitting ACTs increasing year on year potential audience for your blog is also increasing. If your blog caters initially for people like yourself you will create an audience that will follow you and grow.

Use it as a learning tool to track progress

Examination success is about understanding information, developing skills learning facts and then being able to link it all together. Success should be a process that starts before lessons with advanced reading and doesn’t end until the day of the examination when you should see the whole topic not as a bunch of facts to cram but a web of interconnected concepts. Getting to this point it tough and as with bodybuilding, your progress will be slow and incremental. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s top tip for bodybuilding is to take frequent pictures of yourself to track your progress. A learning blog will enable you to do this with your mind.

Blog about your feelings and understanding on a topic before a lesson. Blog again after being taught the topic. Reflect on the difference between the two and then do further reading. Reflect again after further reading and then move onto preparations for the next lesson. After a while return to your previous blogs and try to see the links between topics. Reflect again on how your understanding has changed and is developing. If you ever feel downhearted go back to your initial blog and see how far you’ve come.

Use it as a collaborative tool to increase understanding

Blogs do not have to exist in isolation. By starting your blog in concert with others in the same classes you can bounce ideas off one another. You may have understood one part of a topic better than a peer and vice versa so you can use your blogs to explain, teach and learn. Not only will you increase your own understanding but by teaching you will help yourself with deeper learning. By challenging each other to find links and connections all involved will increase their knowledge and understanding. If you find yourselves stuck then Twitter can be your friend to shout out to experts and other students for more help. As your blog grows, make sure you have a WordPress host that can handle surges in traffic. If you ask Neil DeGrasse Tyson a question and he actually responds, your 4 hit a day blog could suddenly get hundreds of thousands of visitors. Pick your host wisely.

Look at the whole of you

While you are developing your mind and understanding you are also developing as a person. There are many influential bloggers in the student world who tackle specific issues that are important to them. Alongside your learning blog, you could either talk about things that matter to you, specific topics or you could produce something almost identical to your learning blog except with a focus on your emotional, moral and social development.

Whatever you decide remember to keep it up and keep plugging away. Write your blog for yourself. Develop your learning and your personality through it so that if you are the only one who reads it the process was still worthwhile. With millions sitting the ACT and many of those crying out for guidance support and assistance remember also to pick a host that can handle it if your blog suddenly becomes the hottest thing since sliced bread.