7 Frugal Apps to Help You Save Money in College

According to College Board, the average cost of tuition and fees for college students in 2012 2013 was $8,655 for state residents at public colleges and $21,706 for out-of-state residents. And costs of private colleges rose to $29,056 on average last year.

Aside from tuition, most students have to pay for housing, meals, books, supplies, and sometimes transportation if not living near campus.

To help you keep more green in your pocket while in college, check out these 7 money-saving apps:

With the cost of gas going up, gas prices can often vary 25 cents a gallon at gas stations near you. The GasBuddy app helps you locate the closest gas stations near you with the best prices. The app also allows you to earn points and awards for posting gas prices at stations near you with a chance of winning $250 every week. We all need fuel and GasBuddy will help you find the cheapest gas near campus.

Craigslist App
A frugal app that you might not think about is the Craigslist App. This is the app to help you save tons of money simply by buying the things you need used. Dont buy anything new if you dont have to. Try to buy used to help you save loads of cash. And you could also use this app to help you make money by quickly snapping a picture of something you want to sell and then writing a brief note about the item.

If there is one app that can help you save money when youre off campus, its the RetailMeNot app. Its an app that allows you to see all the discounts and deals at stores near you. You can find discounts at dozens and dozens of popular retail stores that you frequent. Once you have this app, youll never buy anything again in a store without finding out if there is a coupon available.

I dont know about you, but I dont do a very good of job holding on to paper coupons. They end up all crunched up in my wallet, so I just stop holding on to them. To avoid holding on to paper coupons, simply use the SnipSnap app to take a picture of the coupon to save the coupon on your mobile device. You can then organize the coupons into nifty bundles. And whats really cool is that you can follow friends and share coupons. Yep, a very nifty app the means you never need to clip coupons again just snap. Check out SnipSnap.it.

RedLaser Barcode and QR Scanner
The RedLaser app is considered one of the top shopping apps by The New York Times, CNN Money, and Smart Money magazine. Aside to finding coupons and deals, the app will help you compare prices on practically anything you want to buy. All you need to do is scan the item you wish to purchase by taking a picture of the ba code, the app will then query the cost of that item at stores near you (including websites like ebay and amazon). This is a dope app that can help you save big bucks while in college.

If you dont have a meal plan and need to buy food at a grocery store check out the GroceryiQ app. You simply build your grocery list in the app (which you can sync and share with other devices) and it will query its database to find coupons for those items at stores near you. You can do searches with text, barcodes, or voice search.

Mint is not a app that helps you get discounts, but it is one of the best apps out there to help you manage and track your money. It connects your bank accounts and shows you how much money youre earning and spending. Just by keeping a close eye on how you spend money will help you save more and live more frugally while in college. You can set up alerts for yourself to remind you about important payments and the app has killer graphs to help you budget. And whats awesome is that this app is completely free.

What is one of your favorite apps to help you save money in school? Let me know in the comments.