5 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress During a Test

Many students feel anxious during test, so what can you do to decrease your stress?

Here are 5 simple methods to clear your mind and help you relax during a test:

Arrive to Class Early
The worst thing you can do is arrive late for a test. Not only do you lose valuable time, but youll probably be more stressed out. Make sure you arrive to class extra early so that you can sit down and relax. Dont start cramming test notes or talking to other students, just close your eyes and take a mental vacation.

Take a Deep Breath
After the instructor passes out the test, just let the test sit on your desk for a moment. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Everyone else will be frantically working on the test, but you should relax your mind before the exam. You want your mind to be fully relaxed when you look at the exam.

Scan the Test
After a brief moment of relaxation, take a moment to scan through the whole test. Youll notice there will be many questions you immediately know the answers to. After you finish scanning, start going through the test only answering those questions you can answer quickly. If you know it, answer and move on. If you need some time to answer, then move to the next question. The key is to answer what you know right away. By doing this, youll feel more confident that youre getting a bunch of questions answered before anyone else. You then have the remaining test time to work on the more difficult questions.

Take a Break and Stretch
Make sure to take several stretch breaks during the test. Make it point to put your pen or pencil down so that you can close your eyes and relax. Stretch out your arms and legs if possible. A brief mental break will be a nice reward to your body, and will help you re-energize.