How to Create a GTD Moleskin PDA

moleskin gtdI received an email several weeks ago from a StudentHacker in Los Angeles.

He’s a PhD candidate—who is using a hacked notebook to organize his life.

In his blog, he describes in detail how he set up a moleskin for productivity.

Here are some highlights on how to hack your notebook:

  • Make sections using sticky tabs (so you can move them around). Sections might include: inbox, projects, research, book lists, music, etc.
  • Write an “abbreviations” page near the front – for all your reading/note-taking abbreviations you come up with and want to hang onto
  • Use a piece of card stock or an index card for a key to your notebook (It works well for an extra bookmark also).
  • The very last page of your notebook should be your index. This is for mapping where things are in your Moleskine.
  • Back pocket items: index cards, thin stickies, big stickies, library card
  • Number every odd page and write the date you begin the new notebook on the bottom right side of the Moleskin

Read the full post on how to create a moleskin PDA . . .

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