101+ Web Resources for Students

research.jpgI’m in the middle of writing a lengthy paper – and I’ve discovered a bunch of useful websites.

Here is a collection of over 100 web resources that you might find useful as well:





General Research

Journal Article Databases (Free Access from Campus Library)


Social & Economic Issues


Style Manuals


Recommended Reading

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31 Responses to “101+ Web Resources for Students”

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  2. Wow! This is a great list. The style manual stuff is especially useful–those things can get so confusing. I also like LibriVox.org for a Lit resource–they have free downloadable audiobooks of lots of the classics (so you can listen while you do other things instead of spending the time reading). Pretty useful.

  3. Pretty Cool Says:

    Very good resources, I got to say thanks to Jamie as well for sharing LibriVox.org, is a totally awesome resource for audio books, good luck with college, things go by pretty quickly you’ll notice!

    :) Yep

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  5. Duncan McLachlan Says:

    Good list!
    There are also several online resources students might find useful that are not specifically meant for students. For example, free online storage, online word processors and spreadsheets (i.e. – Zoho), online calculators, math tools, social bookmarking, and so many more.

  6. A tremendous amount of French articles in humanities and social sciences can be found here : http://www.persee.fr
    Too specific to make it to your top list, but may be useful nevertheless.

  7. Great set of resources, mate! Well done!

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  9. One suggestion to add:


    Helping in getting that article, formated and printed.

    Use it to impress your colleagues.

  10. Talk about procrastination :)

    Thanks for the list.

  11. Why not just use a library?

  12. wish i had half of this stuff when i was at uni ,,. we had to go to the library lol
    is the problem this … once you start surfing, thats it study over its soo easy to find a totally differnet site and end up watching pr0|\| completly by mistake of course

  13. Great list! As an adult learner and working full time, I’ll take any time saving tips I can get my hands on. Adelphi…great French website. Thanks for sharing!

  14. http://www.scholarpedia.org
    Peer reviewed encyclopedia

  15. If I may recommend our website, the Awesome Highlighter: http://www.awesomehighlighter.com

  16. Very good resources ! Thanks !!

  17. http://www.brainbashing.com, You can post some interesting questions here and get interesting answers in return.

  18. Great list. I wish i had half of these when I was in college…

  19. Andy Wheeler Says:

    Nice list, but be sure to look into your state and public libraries. Many public libraries now offer a ton of online resources, many of which you can log into from home using your public library id. My public library offers great resources like Safari Tech Books Online, as well as Rosetta Stone for learning foreign languages.

  20. great long list always nice to see Add mys ite to that 😛 its a great source of informatioon. :)

  21. This would be a good site to add to your list. We (at school), use it for all kinds of little tidbits of info. It also allows you to add or create information about a subject that has is empty.


  22. mike miller Says:

    Nice resource but Norton Anthology link is wrong.

  23. that is a great post. thank you. i dont know some of them. But you have forgotten one important website http://freevideolectures.com for all the educational videos and podcasts.

  24. very nice resource

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  26. Love this list, it is extremely useful and comprehensive. Thanks for taking the time to publish this great student resource!

  27. Great list!!!!
    And also you can add certain websites for students based on free info, social bookmarking and entertainment.

  28. This is a great list. I would add to the style manual sections some free works cited websites. Thanks for sharing this.

  29. very nice list! so many resources! I had no idea about most of them. thanks a lot!

  30. Great list. I wanted to recommend another resource that helps students manage their study groups, group projects and student organizations called http://GroupTable.com

    Each group on GroupTable has:
    * A group binder to store and share notes and other files
    * A private group chat room
    * A private group discussion board
    * The ability to assign tasks to keep everyone on track

    and more

    Have a great fall semester everyone!

  31. My SO Stumbled me your website, and there’s so much to look at, I think my head’s going to EXPLODE – no, IMPLODE – no, wait… I think it’s… : SPLATTER : Sorry…..