Link Friday – November 16, 2007

linkHere are my favorite links from throughout the week:

Why You Should Ignore Your GPA
Cal Newport writes a compelling article on why you shouldn’t focus on your GPA. He says its most important to focus on your performance while in school. Some great advice!

The Art of Keeping Parents Happy
There is an art to keeping your parents happy when you’re attending college. This article provides some practical suggestions.

10 Ways to Become a Better Listener and Change Your Life Forever
Everyone can be a better listener. This article provides ten practical ways for you to talk less and listening more.

Sandy is Your New Personal Assistant
Lifehacker recommends that you to try out Sandy as your personal email assistant. She’ll send you daily reminders of the various tasks you need to take care of. Seems like a great way to stay on track and accomplish your daily goals.

15 Tips to Make Today the Day You Finish Your To-Do List
Scott Young provides some helpful advice on how to complete your to-do list.

7 Simple Tips That Will Turn You Into a Powerful Leader
Bookstores are chockfull of books about leadership – everything from motivational techniques to innovating leadership strategies. This article highlights some of the key factors involved in being a leader—and acting like a leader.

How to Calculate Your GPA
Even though your GPA shouldn’t be your main focus, you should know how to calculate it – especially if you’re applying for grad school. This article provides you a way to calculate your GPA with a quick online tool.

Make a Safety Pin from a Paperclip
A cool way to hack a normal paperclip and turn it into a safety pin.

Who is Blogging and Why?
ReadWriteWeb published a fascinating article about why people blog, and how much money some bloggers are making. This is a must-read for any student thinking about blogging as source of income

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