Geeky Pumpkin Carving Designs

If you haven’t started carving your pumpkin yet, it’s time to get started. I found a bunch of geeky pumpkin designs to get your creative juices going . . .

Yoda Pumpkin


Corpse Bride Pumpkin Design

corpse pumpkin

Death Star Pumpkin

death star pumpkin



Pumpkin Pi

pumpkin pi

Napoleon Pumpkin


Boba Fett

boba fett

Here’s Johnny

johnny pumpkin

Firefox Browser Pumpkin

firefox pumpkin

Pac Man Pumpkins

pac man

Okay, now back to studying . . .

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35 Responses to “Geeky Pumpkin Carving Designs”

  1. Awesome carvings! The PacMan ine is just

  2. demonchild82092 Says:

    i love the deathstar one

  3. Please tell me “Here’s Johnny” is Photoshopped 😛 It has to be… 😀

  4. Pacman, simple and perfect XD
    Love these!

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  7. sorry, the ‘here’s johnny’ one is fake….

  8. These are just fabulous! I especially loved the Death Star; it’s downright gorgeous and looks like a lot of work!

  9. this is cool

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  12. @ “me”

    Just because someone has more talent than you doesn’t mean that it’s a fake. You probably couldn’t carve bear out of a stump with a chainsaw but that doesn’t mean it’s not real and sitting in one of my friend’s bedroom.

  13. definetly sick as hell the death star is bad ass but the johnny one is unbelieveable the color tones almost look fake

  14. Matt: you can tell the Here’s Johnny is a fake just by looking at the quality of the picture.

  15. Actually, based on the reflection and scale distortion (plus light diffusion of the reflective surface, not to mention the bits of dust near the base of the pumpkin being lighten up accurately), I would say that the “here’s jonny” pumpkin would have been easier to carve than to photoshop that accurately. I would say the creator had a lot of carving skill. My favorites in this order are: Here’s Jonny (for the time taken), Death Star (for the fact that the whole pumpkin is used rather then just an image on the side), and the Pumpkin Pi (’cause it looks delicious in an rather educational way).

  16. if any of them are fake its pumpkin pi i mean realy look at at the edges are grainy

  17. Here in Scotland we traditionally carve turnips. This looks like a lot more fun though. :)

  18. @ Matt

    please, rookie. i photoshop for money, i can spot that stuff right off.

  19. @”zugnut”

    Factor in the low-light circumstances and any well lit/glowing object will appear grainy, it’s a factor of the camera taking the picture, not the picture itself.

    Personal faves is the desth star, whole pumpkin use and

  20. The Here’s Johnny one is most definitely fake, the tones are off, you can see the aliasing, and there are several bits that appear to be floating. I’ll give props to the corpse bride one though.

  21. Sorry, I just had to reply. Actually, I think they’re because the picture that is posted on this page is actually bigger, and was forced to display smaller than it is. That leaves your internet browser to scale it down without any anti-aliased effect. Like when you scale something down in MS Paint. To see the image at full size, either open just the image in a new window, or download it (to be veiwed in another program). BTW, I just hate it when images aren’t displayed the way they’re supposed to.. Although, if the full-size image actually did look like that, I would be suspicious. Nice eye.

  22. wow you all are a bunch of losers. especially a critic. a bit of matt, but mostly critic. you sound like this bitch i know; veeran. you’re a smartmouth who says bullshit that nobody understands cause it doesn’t make sense, and of course you love the pi one (veeran would also love the pi one, cause his timid enslaved girlfriend is forced to call him that). so anyways, stop blowing yourself and socialize outside. fag!

  23. Paul The Younger Says:

    Actually, the Johnny pumpkin is a very real carving, on an artificial pumpkin (rigid foam pumpkins sold at Michaels or JoAnns). It was created by a very talented carver from Clarkston, Michigan. You can see his work and others at my favorite pumpkin carving message board — .

    If you need more proof, here is a wide shot of his Halloween display this year (Johhny’s on the far left).



  24. Paul The Younger Says:

    Sorry – the image code didn’t work. Try this link to see it, and his other carves from this year, I think you’ll be impressed.

  25. Wow… I had a friend send me this link. I am amazed to read the comments about my “Here’s Johnny” pumpkin. Too F’ing funny. Let me set the record straight. That pumpkin carving is NOT photoshopped or doctored in anyway.

    Here is a link to all of my pumpkin carvings over the last few years.

    you can view larger version of Here’s Johnny there to prove to yourself it is real.

    If I need to take another picture of this pumpkin with some form of “proof” let me know. This cracks me up. I guess I should consider it the highest form of flattery.

  26. Sorry to burst the bubbles of the little non-creative haters on this site, but, Johnny is real… the man has talent and has worked for weeks doing these carvings every halloween for years. Of course i can’t type for the rest of the artists, but, i can only imagine if one person is that talented (or demented as the case were to spend hours carving this stuff) then there might be others…
    FYI he actually shares how he does these with others in case you STILL are a non-believer… don’t hate the carver… hate the pumpkin ~wink~
    {Personal note to the carver, nice job yet again … looking forward to next years!}

  27. Here’s Johnny looks more like a carved watermelon than a pumpkin.

  28. hahaha Pumpkin Pie! That’s awesome! I wish Halloween wasnt over..

  29. Go back to sleep kids Says:

    “here’s Johnny” is fake. If it were carved, explain why the bottom of the pumpkin (Johnny’s chin) is dark while the top of the pumpkin, which also is not carved is much lighter (light diffusion). Note that the light source is clearly mounted at the very bottom of the pumpkin, so much so that light is clearly and strangely visible below the aforementioned “dark chin region”.

    That is all.

  30. Wow…how much TV to you have to watch to be suspicious that a photo of a pumpkin carving is “fake”? Believe it or not, there are people who can…you know…take a lot of time and make cool stuff.

    If it’s an elaborate PhotoShop job it might be MORE impressive.

  31. Lol. I can’t believe that my pumpkin is still considered a fake. Take a look at all of my “fake carvings” and tell me how Here’s Johnny is fake. As for the lighting it is a Halogen puck light that the pumpkin is put over. The pumpkin obviously has a hole in the bottom to allow the light in. The curvature of the pumpkin and the light from the puck light cause the bottom to be darker than the high wattage light directed at the top of the pumpkin.

    That is all. Nothing elaborate like photoshop.

  32. Mark
    Kudos for your excellent carvings…I have myself made a few “photo realistic” carvings, and I am very impressed with your work. Perhaps I’ll dig through my old photos to find some examples I can post on the “pumpkin wizard” site.
    I find it most amusing that people assume anything they can’t figure out in their tiny brains to be fake or Photo-shopped, as if creating an image like ‘Johnny’ in Photoshop is as trivial as clicking the ‘create Jack-o-lantern’ (OMG, I just got the pun…) menu item. Indeed, creating an image like that in Photoshop requires as much, if not more talent. Keep up the good work, and thanks for the inspiration!

  33. WOW all of those were amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Inadequate Carver Says:

    Wow… It makes me wonder how long a pumpkin generally takes if it is of the “Here’s Johnny” quality. >_<

    Love the Death Star and the Boba Fett but my favorite is the Pi sign. Making one today for Thanksgiving.

  35. Weirdo-NerdyPants Says:

    HELLOOOO!! The pumpkin pi one is by far the most ingenious looool! Love it 8)