How to Cite A Blog in MLA and APA Formats

citation bookI think most professors are okay with students citing blogs in class papers (as long as the blog post is written from a credible source).

However, I’ve had a couple professors that didn’t allow anyone to cite blogs or Wikipedia articles in papers. They felt that those websites could be easily changed, and weren’t worth citing.

That’s why you should always check with your Prof before using a blog entry in your works cited list.

Once you have approval to reference a blog for your essay, here are some ways to cite blogs according to MLA and APA style guide:

Lastname, Firstname, “Title of individual blog entry.” Weblog entry. Title of Weblog. Date posted. Date accessed (URL).

Lastname, FirstInitial. Title of individual blog entry. Retrieved January 1, 2007, from

If you have any problems figuring this out, simply plug in your blog info into Citation Machine’s online form. It will automatically style your blog into MLA or APA format.

For more examples of how to cite blogs, check out the Purdue teaching resource page.

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One Response to “How to Cite A Blog in MLA and APA Formats”

  1. Try to use to save your cites as a never-changing screenshot.

    “For pupils, students and and research assistants, who need to prove citations in their scientific papers offers a possibility to save internet sites, PDFs in a long-term. We save the citations as a screenshot at the date of submission. Due to this screenshot, it is now possible to embed internet-based citations correct in a scientific paper, you will never have to fear that the citation is changing or the cited website goes offline.. It tries to solve the problem, that between the citing of an internet site and the date of reading changes of the source may happen. We see this at the only possibility to embed long-term internet-based informations in a scientific work.”