The Biggest Money Mistake College Students Make

If you avoided math and business classes in college like me, you probably get a little bored when studying financial charts. Okay, not only bored but personally offended by all the numbers (and any kind of calculations involving letters). I mean, … [Read more]

Cheat Sheets

Heres a list of some helpful cheat sheets from around the web . . . Algebra Notes 23 pages filled with every formula and rule you need to know for Algebra. Algebra Cheat Sheet A down and dirty guide to Algebra - in just 4 pages. Theres even a … [Read more]

The Cure for Writers Block -10 Ways to Jumpstart Your Brain

As an English Lit. major in college, I had to write dozens of essays a quarter. And, unfortunately, I got hit with writers block on a regular basis. I tried to combat it by spending more time researching in the library, but that just made my … [Read more]

How to Stop Procrastinating: 4 Steps to Finally Getting That Project Done

We all have items on our list that we dont want to do. And some projects end up staying on our to do list for weeks or even months. Here are four ways to help you get that research paper or project done in a timely fashion: 1. Assign a realistic … [Read more]

How LinkedIn Can Help You Choose the Best College for Your Career

Are you wondering what colleges to apply to? Are you curious where alumni at those colleges end up working? Or what career paths are most common? Well, the LinkedIn College navigation tool provides you real-time data on what college alumni are … [Read more]

UC Berkeley Offers Free Classes Online

We just found out that UC Berkeley launched webcasts of hundreds of class lectures. Yep, that means you can watch video courses in a variety of different subjects. Some of their free online classes include: astronomy, biology, physics, psychology, … [Read more]

7 Ways to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft on Campus

Identity theft is scary and can happen to anyone, anywhere. Here are some tips to help you protect your personal and financial information while at college: 1. Use unique passwords with numbers, letters, and symbols. If youre using one password … [Read more]

5 ways how nutrition unexpectedly influences your productivity

You might think your productivity is down to being disciplined and following the advice in self-help books. The thing is, there are a lot more things that can influence your productivity than that. For example, our environment can play a huge role … [Read more]

Should Students Invest In Cryptocurrency?

This is a contribution by Lucy Wyndham. Andre FrancoisShould Students Invest In Cryptocurrency? The news is full of good and bad stories surrounding cryptocurrency. Around the world there are 12,000 Bitcoin transactions per hour, while, the … [Read more]

8 Mathematic Tattoos You Need to See

Ive been really enjoying Carl Zimmers Science Tattoo Emporium a blog dedicated to showing science-based tattoo art. So here are some of my favorites posted on his site along with some others that Ive found: 1. Quadratic Formula 2. Elliptic … [Read more]