Pimp Your iPod with Wikipedia

Okay, so there’s this FREE software project called “EncycloPODia” that found a way to hack Wikipedia and get that massive library onto your iPod . Right now, you can download the English, German, and Italian versions of Wikipedia. And I think a … [Read more]

Free Math Help

Hotmath.com is a website that provides free math help for a variety of homework problems from over 150 math textbooks. The site also offers free online math calculators and math workbooks and games. The site currently serves over a million … [Read more]

Smart Ways to Answer Multiple Choice Questions

Weve all had to make guesses on multiple choice tests. Sometimes we guess right, but its really easy to guess wrong. About.com posted some tips on how to answer multiple choice test questions. Here are some of our favorite tips: Don’t … [Read more]

Collaborate on School Projects with Stixy.com

Alright, so another online collaboration website started up. Yep, another one. This one is called Stixy. Stixy.com is an online bulletin board that allows you to post your notes, word docs, and photos all on one page. You can do the same things … [Read more]

15 Online Notepads You Should Check Out

There must be over 100 different websites out there offering web-based notepads to students. Some of these websites are pretty cool, but most of them need a major design overhaul. Well, were going to review each one eventually, but well provide … [Read more]

5 Online Libraries You Should Know About

Here are five great online resources that can help you research prior to writing your next paper. These online resources can help you save time, and can really help if you don’t have time to visit a library. Google Scholar The advanced features … [Read more]

The Magic of Compound Interest (And Why You Should Save for Retirement While in College)

If I could go back in time to do college over again, I would have started saving for retirement. You see, I never really thought about compound interest and how by investing early in life I could multiply my money faster. I also didnt realize … [Read more]

How to Write a Killer College Application Essay

I know a lot of students struggle when writing their college application essay. Here is some advice from actual college admissions officers on what they look for in a quality college essay: Be Original The essays we dislike the most are those … [Read more]

Flash Card Hacks

Flash cards can help you memorize information quickly and more efficiently. As long as you carry them with you, you can study whenever you have a free moment. You’d be surprised how many times during a day you can break them out and start … [Read more]

How to Choose the Best Chart for Your Report or Essay

Ever wonder about the best way to chart data in a school report? Sure you can use line graphs, pie charts, or histograms, but sometimes that’s not enough. Sometimes you need to quantify data in a visual way, and the old pie chart isnt going to … [Read more]