Boost Your Brain Power with These Super Foods

Now that school is starting back up, it’s time to give your brain everything it needs to stay sharp and attentive in class. So here are 5 foods to help you improve your memory and supercharge your brain: Fish Fish is not only high in good protein, … [Read more]

Double Your Reading Speed With These Skimming Strategies

Many commercial speed reading programs are pretty wacky - and scholars question their legitimacy. Speed Reading is more about skimming than anything else. It means quickly going through the document to get a feel for whats being said. Its not … [Read more]

Making Planning a Routine

You’ve probably heard that it take 21 days to form a habit. Or was it 30 days? Some are saying 66 days. However long it takes, you can’t seem to maintain a schedule where you get stuff done. This was me just a couple years ago, but after trying out … [Read more]

Are You a Successful Student?

Im looking to interview more successful students for the Student Success Series. Im looking primarily for people who have advice and study tips to help out students in high school, college, and/or grad school. Send me an email at … [Read more]

5 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress During a Test

Many students feel anxious during test, so what can you do to decrease your stress? Here are 5 simple methods to clear your mind and help you relax during a test: Arrive to Class Early The worst thing you can do is arrive late for a test. Not only … [Read more]

Think Again Before Erasing That Scantron Bubble

Theres nothing more frustrating than changing an answer on a testand then finding out your first instinct was correct. In fact, theres a circulating theory that students should stick with their first answer on a multiple choice test, unless they are … [Read more]

How to Organize a Cramped Dorm Room

Lets face it: dorm rooms are usually pretty tiny. And it can be a challenge to turn a small space into an ideal study spot and living area with a roommate. So here are a variety of ways students are organizing their dorm rooms: Storage Box Under … [Read more]

How to Deal with Exam Stress

We love The Student Room (the United Kingdom’s largest online student community) website. They have a cool wiki project with students posting tips and advice on a variety of subjects—everything from anthropology to veterinary medicine. The wiki … [Read more]

How to Add RAM to Your Brain – 8 Memory Hacks

You can instantly retrieve more information faster and easier by memorizing data in organized patterns. Here are 8 ways to make information cement in your mind: 1. Acronyms I’ve used acronyms throughout my college and grad school career. They’ve … [Read more]

Where Do You Nap on Campus?

Ive been a sleep-deprived college student for over 7 years, and Ive had to take my share of naps on campus. As an undergrad, Ive napped all over the Charles E. Young Research Library. I usually tried to find a spot far from the air conditioning … [Read more]