When Do You Study Best?

My best time to study is early in the morning. I usually get up at 5 a.m. and start studying - and drinking coffee - by 6 a.m. I can study straight until 3 or 4 p.m. - with brief breaks for stretching and snacks. I then have the rest of the … [Read more]

How to Start Writing Your Essay When Youre Struggling with Writers Block

Its easy to struggle with writers block. Think about something too long or even research too long and you can overwhelm yourself to the point where you dont know what to write. Or you end up deleting every thought that you type because youre not … [Read more]

Cheat Sheets

Heres a list of some helpful cheat sheets from around the web . . . Algebra Notes 23 pages filled with every formula and rule you need to know for Algebra. Algebra Cheat Sheet A down and dirty guide to Algebra - in just 4 pages. Theres even a … [Read more]

101+ Web Resources for Students

Im in the middle of writing a lengthy paper - and Ive discovered a bunch of useful websites. Here is a collection of over 100 web resources that you might find useful as well: Almanacs AlternaTime CIA World Factbook Daily Almanacs Earth … [Read more]

The Nuts and Bolts of Time Management

If youve been reading productivity blogs for a while, you probably already know the basics of time management: Making your “To Do” list Focusing on one task/goal at a time Creating deadlines for yourself Rewarding yourself for accomplishing … [Read more]

Top 20 RSS Feed Readers You Should Know About

Now that the school semester just ended, its time to catch up on some reading. Im a big fan of Google Reader, but there are a bunch of other great RSS readers out there. Heres a nifty collection of RSS readers you may not know about: Alertbear … [Read more]

Free Downloadable Books for Your iPod

Want to catch up on some reading with your iPod? ManyBooks.net allows you to download tons of great books in a variety of file formats—including iPod notes. So the next time you get caught in class with your iPod, show your teacher how you’re just … [Read more]

How Video Games Can Improve Your Mind

Researchers at the University of Rochester compared the attentional blink of video gamers against people who rarely play any video games at all. They found that gamers are able to simultaneously spot more of what they wanted to see in a quicker time … [Read more]

The Cure for Writers Block -10 Ways to Jumpstart Your Brain

As an English Lit. major in college, I had to write dozens of essays a quarter. And, unfortunately, I got hit with writers block on a regular basis. I tried to combat it by spending more time researching in the library, but that just made my … [Read more]

How to Avoid Getting Sick During Finals Week

It seems that whenever it’s finals week, I start to get a little sick. I’m not sure if it’s because of the stress – or the late nights studying – but it happens every time. Here are some helpful tips to avoid getting sick during … [Read more]