How to Write a Fascinating Thesis Statement

No professors or teaching assistants want to read a boring paper. They want to read a paper that engages them; a paper that is compelling and clearly articulated. So how do you write one of these papers? Well, the most important part of writing a … [Read more]

How to Improve Your Memory Power – 7 Effective Techniques

When I was an undergraduate student, I had to take 5 classes in a foreign language to complete my degree. I took classes in Spanish, classical Latin, and ancient Greek to fulfill my requirement - and needless to say - Im glad thats over with. Ive … [Read more]

The Nuts and Bolts of Time Management

If youve been reading productivity blogs for a while, you probably already know the basics of time management: Making your “To Do” list Focusing on one task/goal at a time Creating deadlines for yourself Rewarding yourself for accomplishing … [Read more]

How to Choose the Best Chart for Your Report or Essay

Ever wonder about the best way to chart data in a school report? Sure you can use line graphs, pie charts, or histograms, but sometimes that’s not enough. Sometimes you need to quantify data in a visual way, and the old pie chart isnt going to … [Read more]

8 Unconventional Student Research Projects

As the Fall semester approaches, its time to start thinking of potential research projects to focus on this year. Here are some unconventional student research projects to get your creative mind going . . . 1. Crickets Playing Pac Man Grad … [Read more]

How to Write a Great Term Paper in One Evening

If youve ever procrastinated like I have, youve probably had to research and write an entire term paper in one night. Its not the ideal way to write, but Ive been able to write some of my best papers during this time. Im not sure if its the … [Read more]

How to Write Abstracts

Ive been very busy these last few weeks working on a lengthy research proposal. Its been absolutely exhausting - but it feels good to almost be done. The last step in any research proposal is to write a comprehensive summary (or abstract) about … [Read more]

How to Relax During a Hectic Holiday Season

Its easy to get caught up in the commotion of the holiday season - rushing around buying gifts, visiting family, preparing big meals - it can be exhausting. And sometimes the stress you feel during the holidays is just like finals week. So here are … [Read more]

Application Timetable for Graduate School

If youre thinking about going to graduate school, you should begin planning at least 15 months before the program starts. Here is a typical application timetable: June to August Think about what type of graduate school you want to attend and … [Read more]

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