5 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress During a Test

Many students feel anxious during test, so what can you do to decrease your stress? Here are 5 simple methods to clear your mind and help you relax during a test: Arrive to Class Early The worst thing you can do is arrive late for a test. Not only … [Read more]

The Best APA Cheat Sheets on the Web

So it’s like 3 a.m. and you’re trying to finish your paper. You’re almost done, but you forgot where you left your APA Style Guide. No worries. We have some online APA style guide cheat sheets that you can use right now: APA Formatting Tips from … [Read more]

7 Ways to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft on Campus

Identity theft is scary and can happen to anyone, anywhere. Here are some tips to help you protect your personal and financial information while at college: 1. Use unique passwords with numbers, letters, and symbols. If youre using one password … [Read more]

Brain Teasers and Games to Stimulate Your Mind

If youre looking for a way to challenge your mind, here are some free brain games you can play: All Star Logic Puzzles A great assortment of logic puzzles to test your analytical skills. Archimedes Mind and Visual Puzzles Tons of math-based … [Read more]

How to Take Damn Good Class Notes

We’re always looking for good tips on taking class notes. That’s why we’re in love with this tutorial on taking perfect lecture notes. Here are some of our favorite tips: Summarize your notes in your own words, not the instructor’s. Remember: … [Read more]

I Heart Buzzword: A Nifty Online Word Processor

Even though I’m a big fan of Google Docs, I have to admit that Buzzword (an online word processor) is pretty slick. It doesn’t have all the cool Microsoft-esque features that Google Docs has, but it has enough to let you create and share your web … [Read more]

Are You a Successful Student?

Im looking to interview more successful students for the StudentHacks.org Student Success Series. Im looking primarily for people who have advice and study tips to help out students in high school, college, and/or grad school. Send me an email at … [Read more]

How to Organize a Cramped Dorm Room

Lets face it: dorm rooms are usually pretty tiny. And it can be a challenge to turn a small space into an ideal study spot and living area with a roommate. So here are a variety of ways students are organizing their dorm rooms: Storage Box Under … [Read more]

The Cure for Writers Block -10 Ways to Jumpstart Your Brain

As an English Lit. major in college, I had to write dozens of essays a quarter. And, unfortunately, I got hit with writers block on a regular basis. I tried to combat it by spending more time researching in the library, but that just made my … [Read more]

Paul Fang Interview – Successful Student Series

The Successful Student Series is an assortment of interviews with students who have worked hard and earned degrees from top universities. The purpose of this series is to learn about their study habits, college survival skills, and making the … [Read more]