Top 2011 College Commencement Speakers Videos

Its college graduation time, so Im compiling a list of my favorite 2011 college commencement videos. Please leave a comment to let me know what great speeches Ive missed or email [email protected] Harvard College Amy Poehler Amy Poehler … [Read more]

Get Answers to Your Questions with These Websites

Here are a bunch of websites to help you find answers to all your questions: AnswerBag AnswerBag is similar to Yahoo Answers except the questions are always open for answering. They have a community of over 175,000 members posting and answering … [Read more]

How to Use LinkedIn to Get Your Resume into the Right Hands

Applying for jobs through a job search engine (e.g., or blindly emailing in resumes to human resource departments is almost worthless. You might as well just print out your resume and stick directly into a … [Read more]

Reducing Your Heating Bill At College

Photo by Tran Mau Tri Tam on Unsplash Simply paying for accommodation, food, and other basic living expenses can set you back over $10,000 per year when you’re at college. The truth is that when budgeting for their college stay, students often … [Read more]

Why there are no shortcuts to examination preparation

This is a contribution by Lucy Wyndham. Photo by Antoine Dautry on Unsplash The college test season is upon us with the first ACT tests in the bag and the next set of papers available to take on April 14th. After years of dominance the numbers … [Read more]

10 Creative Ways to Recycle Old Books

If you have any old books that you never plan on reading again, here are some fun ways to recycle them: 1. Hide stuff in your hollowed out book. Read tips on how to hollow books with a ruler, pen, box cutter, and Elmers white glue. 2. Make Book … [Read more]

Start Using Google Scholar to Save Time on Research

If you don’t have access to library databases at home, you should definitely start your research using Google Scholar. To describe Google Scholar as simply a website that simply archives and organizes online journal articles would be an … [Read more]

Flash Card Hacks

Flash cards can help you memorize information quickly and more efficiently. As long as you carry them with you, you can study whenever you have a free moment. You’d be surprised how many times during a day you can break them out and start … [Read more]

Book Report Hack: How to Analyze a Book Quickly

As an English Literature major in college, I had to read 4 to 5 books per class. This meant that within a 10 week quarter, I would have read over 20 novels. It was a lot of work, but here’s a technique I used to help me analyze the books quickly: … [Read more]

How to Write a Killer College Application Essay

I know a lot of students struggle when writing their college application essay. Here is some advice from actual college admissions officers on what they look for in a quality college essay: Be Original The essays we dislike the most are those … [Read more]