10 Foods to Sneak into the Library to Improve Your Productivity

When I visit the library for research, I’m most efficient if I plan on staying there for as long as I can. I don’t want to leave until I accomplish certain research goals – which mean I’m usually there for at least 4-hours at a time. I usually get … [Read more]

Free Online File Conversion Websites

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6 Reasons Why You Shouldnt Get a Credit Card in College

Credit cards can be useful in college but not everyone should have one. You see, some college students use credit cards as a way to pay for everything they want and get themselves into major credit card debt. Right now, the average undergrad … [Read more]

How to Deal with Crummy Professors

Spend time on RateMyProfessor.com and youll find a huge list of complaints from students about their various professors. Thankfully, Ive been lucky to have mostly good professors throughout my college experience. However, there are a few Profs who … [Read more]

I Heart Buzzword: A Nifty Online Word Processor

Even though I’m a big fan of Google Docs, I have to admit that Buzzword (an online word processor) is pretty slick. It doesn’t have all the cool Microsoft-esque features that Google Docs has, but it has enough to let you create and share your web … [Read more]

Flash Card Hacks

Flash cards can help you memorize information quickly and more efficiently. As long as you carry them with you, you can study whenever you have a free moment. You’d be surprised how many times during a day you can break them out and start … [Read more]

The Best APA Cheat Sheets on the Web

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Smart Ways to Answer Multiple Choice Questions

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How to Write a Great Term Paper in One Evening

If youve ever procrastinated like I have, youve probably had to research and write an entire term paper in one night. Its not the ideal way to write, but Ive been able to write some of my best papers during this time. Im not sure if its the … [Read more]

Free Math Help

Hotmath.com is a website that provides free math help for a variety of homework problems from over 150 math textbooks. The site also offers free online math calculators and math workbooks and games. The site currently serves over a million … [Read more]